“1492.0” A Poem to #AbolishColumbusDay

Righting Red

UPDATE: My latest article over at Everyday Feminism: “4 Ways To Celebrate Columbus Day (Without Celebrating Columbus Day)

TW: Explicit images and words depicting slavery, brutality, and other atrocities.

To hear me perform in ironic pentameter, click here


In fourteen hundred ninety-two

An explorer sailed for Asia true

But lost, got he, this Italian chap

Unsure East from West – who needs a map?

So upon an island Columbus’ ships did land

Land filled with many a child, woman, and man

Despite the Taino Arawak people, Columbus did proclaim

“’Tis the Indies! (Or whatever. I declare it for Spain.)”

The explorer could do no wrong

His wit was short as his sword was long

He demanded gold from the people there

When he got some – then none – he did despair

So he murdered and pillaged and raped with abandon

All of…

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2 responses to ““1492.0” A Poem to #AbolishColumbusDay

  1. Thank you for this post, we should get rid of Presidents’ Day, too.

  2. Retake the educational system is the best option now on USA

    On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 5:04 PM, Unsettling America wrote:

    > Tlalli Yaotl posted: ” “

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