Heart of Decolonization Gathering

From Awakening the Horse People:

A gathering for decolonizing people of diverse backgrounds who are in positions of teaching and inspiring others to decolonize while occupying stolen Native lands still under resistance.

September 4-6, 2015
Independent Lakota Territory
Hosted by the Lakota Cante Tenza Okolakiciye (Strong Heart Warrior Society)

This unique gathering is intended to bring together a diverse group of decolonizing people under observation of Native warriors and activists. In particular, we are focusing on those non-Native persons in positions of leadership, teaching, or mentoring others in movements of decolonization. Over the three days, we hope to engage in conversations that will create understanding, build relationship, and ensure accountability in the critical movements to return Indigenous lands and lifeway.

The gathering hopes to:

  • Bring transparency and openness to our approaches and perspectives, ensuring we are moving and sharing in ways that center the Native peoples and lands we occupy while doing this work.
  • Create a space to share the stories and experiences that has sparked this work in individuals or peoples, seeking commonalities and differences that may lead to a base of knowledge that can be used to understand and support each other, as well as the future generations who follow in our uncertain footsteps.
  • Openly exchange and share knowledge, tools, approaches, perspectives, and ‘technologies’ to aid each other in non-competitive and collaborative ways,  seeking to eliminate competitive ego, ownership, and to discourage commodification of Indigenous thought and philosophies and recovered cultural information.

Participants will need to bring their own camping equipment, food to share, and cover your own transportation.  Some carpooling to the land from Rapid City will be available. Traditional protocols will be observed.

Click here for the online application…

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