No Apache Land Grab!

Saving Oak Flat Campground

Apache Stronghold

“They declared war on our religion, we must stand in unity and fight to the very end, for this is a holy war.”  —Wendsler Nosie Sr., long time opponent of Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Councilman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe.

Background info:

McCain’s new mode of genocide: Theft of Apache sacred land for copper mining

Apache elders words on theft of sacred lands for copper mining

Congress gives Native American lands to foreign mining company with new NDAA

Defense Bill Passes, Giving Sacred Native American Sites To Mining Company

Stop Apache Land Grab (White House petition)

Protestors march outside Sen. McCain’s office

One response to “No Apache Land Grab!

  1. Hello,my name is Louis and someone has done alot of dirty “with. Intent” intentional things against me.I have native American Apache blood in my veins and someone has used many forms of electronics and telecommunications in order to deliberatelykeep me away from acquiring my native American heritage

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