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  1. I’d like to post some of your articles to my Facebook page but don’t see a link to enable me to do that. Am I missing something? Thanks

  2. Organize Comm*unity Governments
    -A Youth Leadership Council:
    14-22yrs. Education and communication making a politically aware base to prepare future generations to carry on the struggle.

    Get the youth to become active themselves to hold intellectually based discussions with each other. Set up meetings in the high-schools and community centers, talk of solutions to be the change we the people want to see in the world.

  3. I found this, while thinking about how the majority peoples of the planet operate when we are not given the false dichotomy of need v. want. We must return to a timeplace where it is the norm to give and we are satisfied with enough!

  4. Wanted to contribute the following post. (Originally, i wanted to reply to the article on allyship vs sister/brother-hood, but for some reason wasn’t allowed to. (could it possibly be because i tried to post a different website than the one that automatedly appears when i login to wordpress??) Here’s what i tried to post:

    i just want to say that i think it’s also vitally important to watch out how our imprinting in same old again can cause us to not see that projecting on each other can hamper mutual seeking…tho i realize that “perfectly imperfect” reflections have their excellence, as well. i just want to underline the value of watching possible projections on such things as assuming someone is merely stuck in “ego” or “self-aggrandization” when there may well be other truths within the seemingly “ugly” exterior. After all, how many have learned to hide as a way to protect their inner heart? And how many have been corralled into divisions of many sorts? Worth thinking through, i say.

  5. The fact of the matter is George, as with his successor; Elizabeth Windsor, was and is the Chief of the Tribe of Judah of the Tribe of Israel; the ruling class.

    Needless to say you have read the Royal Proclamation 1763 and have noted the useage of “Treaties” and the “Sale of the Land”. Unfortunately, Judah is prohibited by LAW not to engage in Treaties but to destroy the “opposition”. Yet, on May 17, 2005 Lizzy made the pilgramage to First Nation’s University (a “Canadians” white Indian university) and expressed her love for the Anishinabe. So, whilst the Anishinabe have been genocided, it is NOT Lizzy or her predecessors doing the genocide, rather, it was the tyrant and Vatican curia agent the Lord Privy Seal.

    You will also know the Land is NOT Anishinabe but the Creator’s and we are merely managers … the land is NOT ours to sell to anyone.

    Because of the Treaty and land sale fraud of the Royal Proclamation and the fact it has yet to be adhered to, it is safe to say the Royal Proclamation 1763 will NEVER be upheld in any court for the judges and lawyers both know of its fraudulent nature.

    Since fraud viciates a contract this would mean the Law of the Land defaults to the Anishinabe pre-colonial times. This tells me the Algonquin soldier should be getting ready to assert themselves over the apples.

    I thought since you have stated the Seventh Fire has been lit you would like to know just how lit it really is!


  6. Hi, I wanted to bring your attention to the quote by Jack D. Forbes that is displayed on the page. It demonizes mentally ill and neurodivergent people by positing that the result of Columbus’ evil actions was due to ‘mental illness’ or ‘insanity’ and insinuating that only mentally healthy people can be ‘good’. While mentally ill people are not absolved of any wrongdoings, implying that mental illness is inherently evil furthers the oppression and discrimination of mentally ill people.

    I’d also like to add ‘insane’ is a slur that has been reclaimed by people with psychosis.

    I respectfully request that you change the quote in favor of one that is not ableist.

    Thank you.

  7. I notice that you seem to cast the problem in good/evil terms, which are religious or moral terms, and therefore highly subjective (your good, for example homosexuality, is my evil, depending on my religion), whereas to understand the wetiko syndrome as a psychological disease to me means it’s amenable to understanding and healing. Having said that, I think you make a good point: it is awfully tempting to demonize those sickened by the wétiko syndrome, however horrible they may be, they are still struggling with a sickness that causes them to devour their own lives and the lives of those around them. So I appreciate the point you are making even if I still believe Jack Forbes’ articulation is an excellent and important one. The goal is to heal and support the healing of others.

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