An incomplete and always expanding collection of decolonization resources and other related texts. Feel free to post additions on the comments or send suggestions and contributions to unsettlingamerica(at)riseup(dot)net


How Did Colonialism Dispossess? Comments from an Edge of Empire

An article that shows how the state, at the behest of capitalism and settlers, provided the framework for settler colonialism and the murderous state-capitalism alliance that rules our lives.

By Cole Harris, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

Download: ColonialismCapitalism.pdf (371.47 KB)


NEW! Check out this excellent compilation of resources from Awakening the Horse People.

Other downloads:

Decolonization (236 KB) by Zigzag & Keyway, Long Hot Summer ‘99

• Colonialism on the Ground – Waziyatawin

• Three Pillars of White Supremacy – Andrea Smith

• White Supremacy Culture – Tema Okun

Decolonizing Antiracism – Bonita Lawrence and Enakshi Dua

Other resources:

Articles & Educational Resources @ Setting the Record Straight

Resource Library @ Onkwehón:we Rising

Columbus and Other Cannibals — Jack D. Forbes (EXCERPT)

7 responses to “Resources

  1. Posoh.

    I’ve noticed that you folks still have an active link up to the resource library over at my old website The Speed of Dreams. That site is not defunct and most materials from it have been removed.

    You can find the newer incarnation of the resource library over at Onkwehón:we Rising

  2. Great resources, thanks so much! I’m a student at Camosun, and haven’t been brought up learning about these types of things. I’m super interested in learning about how I can become less oppressive in my life, and links like this really help me get that info. Thanks!

  3. unfortunately the links to colonialism on the ground and white supremacy culture do not work 😦

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