Created and curated as one settler’s labor of love and resistance, Unsettling America has never solicited money, and never will. However, we believe in reparations to indigenous people and the radical redistribution of wealth and resources.  Towards that end, here are some indigenous groups and projects we recommend you lend your support to instead. This is mutual aid. This is solidarity, not charity. Thank you! (Please feel free to post suggestions in the comments or email them to us!)

Ancestral Pride
Apache Stronghold (paypal link on main website)
Black Mesa Indigenous Support (non-native support network)
Free Red Fawn (#NoDAPL POW)
Haul No! (#StopCanyonMine)
Mothers Against Meth Alliance (MAMA)
Red Warrior Society
Tiny House Warriors* (Secwepemcul’ecw Assembly)
Unist’ot’en Camp

URGENT! Crow and Queen Housing and Medical: Warrior Crow has been in a terrible accident life threatening accident and is in long term care at Vancouver General Hospital with severe brain trauma among other injuries. Crow has fought for land, water, and Indigenous liberation for well over 20 years, dedicating his life to the resistance and the movement. He spent months at Oceti Sakowin as part of Red Warrior Society he fought fiercely, took rubber bullets, was frozen with the water cannons, pepper sprayed, maced, and arrested multiple times for #MniWiconi and was and still is an integral part of Red Warrior Society as well as helping run Ancestral Pride. He is now in the battle of his life, his frontline is surviving and healing, so he can continue his work for Mother Earth. Queen and their children have had to move to Vancouver BC from their home community Ahousaht on the west coast, as his recovery may take up to 2 years of healing his spirit, body, and mind. If you support Indigenous Land Defenders and Water Protectors, now is the time to step up and support a resistance family in a time of extreme need and crisis. Your help can make a difference in whether their family eats and is safe for the day or not. Crow is in what is known as a minimally conscious state, with periods of transient awareness, and his rehabilitation Dr said there is no real timeline for rehabilitation at this time due to his mental current state, and patience is key and that talking with him touching and comforting him and reassurances are best. More…

Support the Tiny House Warriors! Building solar-powered tiny homes in the path of Kinder Morgan: Help the Secwepemc Nation build more solar-powered tiny houses in the path of the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Every cent of every dollar you donate will go directly to the project. More…

Stop the pipelines; heal the land; heal the people: The Unist’ot’en Clan of Northern BC has established a Camp at the entrance to their Territory. They have declared that no fossil fuel pipelines will cross their land. All funds will go to building a Healing Lodge at the Camp. More…

Fix Vandalized Life School Home: While living away from our Indigenous Life School Home, our home was vandalized to the point of uninhabitability. Our vision was to begin working with our children this summer on a number of landbased activities but due to the destruction of the home, we will have to focus on completely renovating our once beautiful Lifeschool Home. We are seeking donations that can help us get closer to our goal of giving our children a safe place from which to live and learn. More…

Also check out Reclaim Turtle Island:

Support Grassroots Land Defender & Mi’kmaq Warrior Suzanne Patles:

Call for Support: Please help our sister Suzanne Patles, Mi’kmaq Warrior and Lnu Mother


Support Our Warrior Friends on the Frontlines at Standing Rock #NoDAPL: