Decolonial Teach-In and Gathering Los Angeles

Call for Decolonial Teach-In and Gathering in Los Angeles
Date TBA

This is a call to communities in resistance in particular and those who dream of a better world in general. We understand to get there we need vision, strategy, organization and to build alliances. We are putting out this call to those communities building autonomy, and revolution.

We are in a time in history where not only do we face many injustices in the communities where we live, but great potential for something much better. We see rebellion in all forms in many communities across not only the united states, but all of Turtle Island. We all want a better world!

We hope to not just organize another event or teach-in; we hope that we can build a network to begin with and strategic alliances as we fight this system of white-supremacy/capitalism/imperialism/colonialism/patriarchy, and towards common goals and vision. We also hope folks can learn from each other, common experience, so we can continue to advance towards a decolonized and free world.

If what we are talking about is true decolonization and autonomy, something that is land based, the indigenous people from this continent and hemisphere have to be in the forefront of this struggle (from Alaska to Argentina), and the fight to free the land, water, air and ourselves of colonialism has to be supported across imperialist borders and all regions.

In the coming weeks we will begin to fundraise for communities and collectives wishing to make it out from different regions, as well as to plan and organize for the gathering and teach-in.

This event is not made for organizations to promote themselves but for communities fighting to build and strategize with each other.
In struggle.

Members of CWLA, NYM…

One response to “Decolonial Teach-In and Gathering Los Angeles

  1. My friend John and I just got back to L.A. from Standing Rock camp and we are also working on mobilizing and organizing here.

    Reach out to me, my email is or you can reach me on Facebook under Jay Lobo (Los Angeles)

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