Call for Translations

Unsettling America is calling for pro bono translators to translate texts and articles from this website into other languages. We’ve been motivated to put out this call by someone who made just such an offer, via email:

Dear Unsettling America,

I have been moved by the excellent articles on your blog. I’ve only just begun to delve into them.

As an avid speaker of Brazilian Portuguese, and with the knowledge that many of our radical colleagues in Portugal, Brazil, and the other lusophonic countries of the world are engaging in the same struggles as we are, it occurred to me recently that translating valuable work such as yours could help us build greater solidarity with the Global South, as well as spread the word about decolonization, anti-racism, etc.

With that said, I would like to offer to begin pro bono translation of the articles on your blog. Is that something that might interest you all?

Please let me know. Keep up the terrific work.

Many thanks, warmly, and in solidarity,

Thus, we are putting out an open call for anyone who would like to do the same, into any language, particularly indigenous tongues and languages of the so-called “Third World”. We should also note that in doing so, you will also be doing a great service of mutual aid to the authors and sources from which we republish.

If you’re interested, please contact us at unsettlingamerica [at] riseup [dot] net

Thank you!


3 responses to “Call for Translations

  1. Dr. Ana Maria Bach

    I could translate some articles into Spanish. I already did some translation on Dorothy Smith, Lorraine Code and some others authors for free.

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