The Nature and Centrality of Settler Colonialism in the U.S.

From De-Colonize L.A.

It’s impossible to understand the nature of the social, political and economic system in the United States without grasping the settler colonial nature of the state and society. The USA is and always has been an empire. Although European settlers and their descendants are the most privileged within the Empire, it is vital to remember that in an Empire, there are no citizens, only subjects.

Imperial privilege is one of a number of enforcement and compliance mechanisms for social control; those who are privileged have no rights, only privileges that can be revoked for disobedience, insufficient loyalty, identification with the oppressed, and other transgressions.

The basis of colonialism, particularly settler colonialism, and thus of racism, white supremacy and white-skin privilege, is the conquest of land and people. The US system in its entirety is built and based on the stolen lands of indigenous people, and the imposition of a system of private property in land, the demarcation of property lines, which laid the basis for the imperial state and the national borders.

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One response to “The Nature and Centrality of Settler Colonialism in the U.S.

  1. I don’t like how the author speaks of an “indigenous” Mexico, Mexico is a colonial state just like the US, Mexico was invading indigenous lands and fighting with the indigenous nations just like the US, US was just more effective in warfare. They really just go about colonialism differently, Mexico built on this colonial construct of mestizaje to assimilate and alienate their citizens from their indigenous heritage.

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