A Map of Destruction: How Europeans Stole Native Land

A shocking look at the theft of Native American Land.

From Alternet:

For millions in the U.S., Thanksgiving is a stark reminder of what has been lost.

Click on this map, created by Lousiana State professor Sam B. Hillard, to see the rapid loss of land by the Native Americans–starting from when Columbus “discovered” the America and ending in 1895, when native people retained only 2.3 percent of their original land.

9 responses to “A Map of Destruction: How Europeans Stole Native Land

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  2. It is saddening that such dispossession could be inflicted on proud societies that had learned to live with nature for many thousands of years. It is important that future generations never forget what was taken away from them. How I wish that problem societies had kept the problems to themselves, rather than forcefully spread them to others. If a cosmic judge came along, the people of the Americas would definitely be restored of their worth.

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  5. How can you discover a land that was already occupied. So this means I can walk over to the guys house next door and claim it for the USA and call it mine by that right that was givin to me by the european monarcs of the day. It is one thing to be taken from your home and forced into slavery, but it is something entirely different to watch as your families are being murdered and your land becoming a lie by calling it the USA. I am totaly ashamed of the part of my blood that has european decodence and larceny flowing through it. I am proud to Know that at one point in time this land truly was great when it was tended by the rightful gaurdians of the land. I am in know way trying to downgrade the atrosadies of slavery, but imagine someone comming to your home and telling you that it is no longer yours and forceing you and your wife and children at gunpoint to leave in the dead of winter and if not then they start killing and other manors unspeakable acts towards you and your people. This is what America was founded by thieves, murders, and liers. So when someone asks me to celibrate a man that should have kept his tail in europe, and leave a land that was already occupied alone. I will tell them that I will chose to celibrate natutre and all it has to offer instead. I will remember the ones that this land really belongs to like my native ancestors. Not native American but rightfull Guardians of the land.

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  7. Columbus never discovered AmeriKah!
    AmeriKah has been inhabited long, long before the north AmeriKahn Indians came onto the scene.
    Columbus was merely in search of slaves.

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