Killing the Settler to Save the Human: The Untidy Work of Unsettling Klamath River Thus Far

“If the authors had a guiding motto through our unsettling journeys it would an inverse of the Richard Pratt’s slogan ‘kill the Indian to save the man;’ instead, we say ‘kill the settler to save the human.’ Fighting against the toxic ideologies, mythologies, histories, beliefs, silence and culture of settler society is not to ‘save’ the Indian but is in the interest of life. We do not expect an enchanted rescue by the ‘noble savage’ to release us from a culture of death but recognize that with all the supposed technology and civilization settlers claim, settler society has absolutely no idea how to live off of and tend a land base. After millenniums of intergenerational trauma, white settlers best interest is in the destruction of the structure that we are taught to believe benefits us. What we view as necessary conditions, made possible by the deaths of others, is our own suicide.”

unsettling klamath river

Published in the Forth World Journal Vol. 17 Issue 1 Summer 2018

kill the settler

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killing the settler to save the human

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