Decolonization And Indigenization Will Not Create The Change We Need

An unsettling piece from Indigenous Motherhood:

“Decolonization and indigenization are words used to benefit the colonizer and settler culture in order for them to look good in the eyes of those who are trying to create positive change in communities.

But truthfully, colonial systems can never be decolonized or indigenized. And indigenous systems do not need to be decolonized or indigenized.”

indigenous motherhood

We cannot decolonize or indigenize canada or colonial systems.

And it is a lie to believe that we can decolonize and indigenize ourselves as indigenous peoples and our ways of living.

Yet, this belief is so instilled within society and indigenous nations that we have made it our mission to decolonize and indigenize everything possible. It’s like that Oprah Winfrey meme. You know the one. But instead of telling people that they get a car she is saying “you get decolonized!” “you get decolonized!” And “you get decolonized!”

And the people go wild.

Yes, decolonization and indigenization were words coined by indigenous peoples as a form of resistance and reclamation. However, the colonizer has heavily co-opted these terms and made it their own. And the more that I think about these terms, the more I realize that these terms should not even exist in our vernaculars, for they are false…

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2 responses to “Decolonization And Indigenization Will Not Create The Change We Need

  1. I think that I understand this article. If I understand it correctly, I ageee with it.

  2. Just because the colonizer has co-opted stuff, means nothing, i think. Because the game of the colonizer is all about propaganda; that is, continuing their system no matter what. And they will use every articulated notion in that program.

    I do not agree with your assessment.

    And i see people doing rigid, PC tactics, as a reflection of their realities (not thought thru enough), in process, on a journey! They are FINALLY being heard a little more, just as the revolution now going down against so many thoughtless men treating womenfolk as objects, etc. (i also think that these men are expressing symptoms –i.e. of the reality of their programming/imprinting into war-stuck societies, and expressing such has value –while such needs and has to be challenged!).

    Thanks for the provocation, anyway. Looking forward to further possible dialog.

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