White Fear of Savage Reprisal in the Course of Decolonization

“The kind of unapologetically eurocentric, settlerist, first worldist rubbish demonstrated by the bulk of the north amerikan “left” sadly rules the day. We who see ourselves as part of the Indigenous Liberation/Independence Movement have to come to grips with this unfortunate truth. It also must be noted that most of the people who would claim leadership of our Movement also profoundly miss this. If we sit and wait for even the most “woke” sectors of the settler population to “come to their senses” and “see the real enemy” we’re frankly going to be waiting here for another 500 years. I can’t wait that long? Can you?”

Maehkōn Ahpēhtesewen

Koupe tèt, boule kay
(Chop heads, burn down houses)
Ayisyen revolutionary slogan

After a bit of back and forth with myself on whether or not it was worth it to respond to an article by Ross Wolfe (1), in which a bumbling, offhanded academic attempt is made to paint my  article Decolonization is not a Metaphor: The Basics of a Genuine Anti-Colonial Position as the height of absurdity, i have decided to take the proverbial plunge and jot down a few thoughts. Perhaps against my better judgement, i decided to do this because the article by Wolfe, for all of its demonstrable euro-chauvinist flaws, does provide us with a nice teachable moment—indeed its euro-chauvinism is precisely why it is a useful pedagogical tool.

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One response to “White Fear of Savage Reprisal in the Course of Decolonization

  1. I’m afraid this is a rather uphill battle as you’ve already recognized. i recently had contact with a well-known public servant widely seen to be working on behalf of the Indigenous and yet, the reason for his call to me was essentially to scold me for calling out racism. I’d written him about one of his recent public statements denying racism. He really only wanted to smack my hand in return, I think.

    Great article here, though.

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