On the Concept of Indigenous Assent: A Rejoinder

“We will never surrender. We will stand tirelessly in defense of our Peoples, our Lands, and our Sacred Earth Mother, and for all of our relations. If they want what they they need to feed their living-dead society, they will have to come and take it. We are Earth’s Army. We will be ready, and We will be waiting.”

Maehkōn Ahpēhtesewen

Following the posting of my quite well received article Decolonization is Not a Metaphor: The Basics of a Genuine Anti-Colonial Positionwhich was shared by anarchist communists, maoists, anarcha-feminists and many others i would not normally expect to see digging into the kind  of material i produce—there were a slew of not even sort of surprising, much less interesting, responses from certain sectors of the north amerikan settler left.

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