Strangers in Their Own Land: Lineages of the Conquest of Aztlán

“Anti-Xicano sentiment, just like anti-Onkwehón:we and anti-Afrikan sentiment, is central to the development and continued cohesion of the euro-amerikan settler nation. It is true that since the success of the Civil Rights Movement and the u.s. defeat in Việt Nam there has been and increasing trend towards the integration of the internal colonies within the body politic of the amerikan empire—most clearly seen in the election of the country’s first Afrikan president, Barack Obama. However in general the relationship between the united states and its non-euro-amerikan populations remains one of internal colonialism. Understanding this relationship and its origins will allow us to genuinely begin to combat these political trends and to build towards our future goals of land, independence and socialism.”

Maehkōn Ahpēhtesewen

The following article is a slightly modified version of a paper i had previously written during my Ph.D studies. 

Introduction: War on the Border

Today many euro-amerikan citizens of the united states on both sides of the political spectrum are growing increasingly concerned about high rates of migration from México and other Latin Amerikan states south of the Kótsoi River (Rio Grande/Río Bravo del Norte). This phenomena is perhaps seen most spectacularly within the current juncture by the mass swell of support by “everyday” settlers for the white supremacist, borderline-fascist candidacy of Donald Trump for the amerikan presidency. These concerns for settlers generally, but not universally, centre on the presence of migrant workers who the colonial media, state and general public have heaped labels such terms as irregular and illegal upon. These migrants are often painted as a threat of varying degrees to the amerikan way of life, despite…

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