Nationalist narratives, Immigration and Coloniality


by Leigh Patel

“I’ll tell you what freedom is to me. No fear. I mean, really! No fear”

Nina Simone

“Take me to another place

Take me to another land

Make me forget all that hurts me

Let me understand your plan”

Arrested Development

I am the daughter of immigrants. My family’s mixed history of sanctioned and subjugated migration has indelibly imbued our lives as well as our relationships to cultural practices, home and receiving countries, and to land. I am also a United States citizen and a scholar who studies migration. I have marched for immigrants’ rights and have met with local, state, and national policymakers to speak about the experiences of undocumented youth. I believe that the current push and pull of vulnerablized beings across nation-state borders is a project of dehumanization wrought by the insatiable settler capitalist project.

It is because of this mix of experiences that…

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