Stories of the Shapes and Contours of Indigenous Relationships to Land: An Interview with Hayden King


Listen to the interview above, or read the transcript of the interview below!

Eric Ritskes : This is Eric Ritskes [Editor of   Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society ]  and I’m here with Hayden King. Hayden is a professor and the Director of the Centre for Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University here in Toronto, and we’re here chatting in his office about a new project that he’s taken on, as the host of the podcast, “Stories from the Land” – which you can find at “Stories from the Land” is part of an ambitious new – independent & Indigenous – Internet media platform, which was launched recently by Ryan McMahon. It’s called Indian and Cowboy Media and already they’re producing a number of exciting Indigenous podcasts. I hope that everyone listening goes and checks that out.

But, this interview is about “Stories from the Land” – Hayden, why…

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