An Introduction to Settler Colonialism at UBC

UBC’s Alternative Student Press

This three-part series on settler colonialism is co-authored between two people: one who identifies as a michif (Métis) man from Saskatoon, the other who identifies as a racialized, non-Indigenous female settler. As co-authors, we are speaking from our own perspectives as an Indigenous person (Justin) and as a settler (Kay).

This series is informed through an anti-colonial, anti-racist, and intersectional feminist lens. We have tried to make it as accessible as possible, but fully acknowledge that we were not completely successful. We have attempted to frame it as a discussion as much as possible, and have embedded links for further learning and hope this can make the piece more accessible and informative. We hope this article can serve as an introduction to some important (and complicated) issues; in our opinion, an understanding of settler-colonialism, and our complicity in it, is essential to building a better future.

Part I | Part II | Part III

2 responses to “An Introduction to Settler Colonialism at UBC

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  2. When I take into account the fact that the Museum of Anthropology is right there at UBC, I feel a certain level of disheartening sadness while reading through this series. I would have thought that by now, that university especially would be light years further along in general understandings of Indigenous history and colonialism.

    This only strengthens my resolve to fight for the true history of Canada’s relationship to the Indigenous to be taught in all schools, long before university level.

    Thank you for this, and for your work to bring these experiences to light.

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