The Indigenous fight against colonial veganism

photo by natgeocreative.comBy Krystalline Kraus,

There is even a ToolKit to support those rabblers who wish to pick up tools for the so called, “good fight.” You know, the fight between the grain eaters and the meat eaters.

But what is this fight really all about? The right to choose what to eat? The right to dictate that choice to others?

The epic battle between the Grain Eaters and the Meat Eaters

As with everything else, culture and context must be taken into account when dealing with Indigenous communities, no matter how important you think your cause is. And while I’ve met my share of gentle vegans who are willing to listen, there are also these eager crusaders of animal rights that seem to sweep across the land to belittle and humiliate someone who choose to eat meat.

Lessons are taught through hunting, trapping or herding and then consuming meat which include learning to never let anything go to waste, that is an insult to the animal spirit: use all the different parts that the animal has to offer regarding leather, wool, sinew and items for decoration with.

Also remember the Indigenous custom of honouring the animal killed with prayers and tobacco or reindeer antler as offering — or bear in the spring. The Bear Hunt is one of the most important ceremonies we Saami have.

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4 responses to “The Indigenous fight against colonial veganism

  1. grains are good food – for livestock!

    indigenous peoples have gone to war because someone PLOWED the sacred earth! and still, the grain-fed refuse to listen or understand what they are doing to the planet. it’s as if eating a grain-heavy diet impairs brain function!

  2. Factory farms have infected the homeland of the indigenous peoples, most of the flesh consumed comes from these factories, the bodies of millions of indigenous people have been colonized, simply because they consume this abnormal source of nutrition, kept in concentration camps, they are unhealthy and responsible for the major the pollution, not just of my homeland but the entire world, anyone who consume factory farmed animal flesh is participating and then collaborating with the dominant cultures of the world,(thats money in their pockets) my reservation is surrounded by monoculture crops that go’s to feed factory farmed animals, of which also occupy the space of my ancestors, Factory farms poisons everything and everyone.

  3. your mine-body spirit has been colonized.

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