Returning to Our Gifts

“This understanding is not about romanticizing Indigenous peoples or our own Indigenous past. On the contrary, returning our people’s unique gifts back to the Circle of Life is a necessary act of healing. How that looks in today’s world is a complicated vision, but one we can grow to see if we give ourselves to a spiritual way of living, act with integrity, and fall back in love with who we are and the places we come from. If we do these things, the way home will become known.”

Awakening the Horse People

whatisourrole Each people, species, tribe, band, or clan protects and nurtures unique gifts, roles, and spiritual power (magic) that are shared to create health and balance within the Circle of Life. Carrying these gifts and roles is a profound act of love and togetherness with all life. This is true for the Animal People, Plant People, human people, and all kinds of living beings.

For example, one’s people or tribe may carry unique knowledge of a sacred place. Or perhaps one’s band protects specific gifts or roles, like how to honor the water, use plant medicine, communicate with spirits, or defend the people. Maybe one’s clan or family group nurtures special songs or dances that belong to the people’s culture as a whole. Or perhaps one’s clan carries the specific power of a certain animal, plant, or element.

When a people’s sacred knowledge is forgotten, these unique gifts fall asleep. The…

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