Death of Empire: Decolonizing Feminism(s)

Shades of Silence


Death of Empire:

Decolonizing Feminism(s)

By: Poesia

From our births, we are destined to be muxeristas–cultural carriers for the survival of our people(s). We came out of war zones and rebellions where self-defense is our decolonial methodologies. Descendants of fire-breathers and healers, children of the sun, seventh generation walking amongst the dead, we reflect our ancestors’ war chants as we face the future. With Circle A black & brown flags, drums and a conch, we lead the long walk out of 520 years of darkness and into sunrise. Their empire decays as we give light to the night.

From ashes to fire in each colorful stroke, out of a black hole I came, given breath in Zihuatanejo (Cihuatlán): Guerrero within the colonial nation-state of Mexico, alone I came into this world the same way I will go: bleeding, screaming and gasping to breathe light on the same earth walked…

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