Interview with Ancestral Pride: Indigenous Land Defenders

Radio-BED sits down with Crow and Sacheen of Ancestral Pride for a necessary conversation on land defence, Idle No More, settler solidarity, nationhood and going home.

In this special report, Ancestral Pride schools listeners of all nations on the reality of the struggle for safety and self-determination and the importance of asserting and re-asserting Indigenous jurisdiction and authority over lands that have never been surrendered.

8 responses to “Interview with Ancestral Pride: Indigenous Land Defenders

  1. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for posting this. For so many of us living on lands ceded, or in many more cases as where I live literally cleared of people thru murder and disease, we can only support those who still maintain the land.
    It is my dream that we will all learn to do so-no matter what nation or ancestors we come from, and that eventually all the lands of Earth will return to the respectful loving management by people who are deeply connected to that land, one another and all living beings.
    I know it seems absurd when we have such harsh struggle just to protect watersheds from fracking on unceded lands-which should never even be a possibility- but from our determination, dreams, prayers and actions come the better futures we hope for our children.

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    Nothing but love for these folks! Tá siad laochra fíor!

  5. I’d just like to remind people about using terms like “pride”, as this from John Trudell:
    We must not be drawn into their traps. Whatever we do, we must do as a resistance; whatever we do as a people, whatever we do in the name of the people and the earth, we must do this with humility and with gratefulness for what we are and what we have. But we should not do it with pride.
    Because John Wayne is proud, the marines are proud. People flying B-52 bombers are proud. How are we going to get our liberation if we take on their characteristics? It is time for us to think. We hate to think about the terminology we use, [but] we must think about the thoughts that go with our terminology.
    (…) We have to understand that they want us to be lazy in our minds and lazy in our spirits and lazy in our thinking.

  6. It is pretty sad, that we as Americans have become the lowest in the world, when we do not even care for our own humans beings in our own country, that are less fortunate or had their land taken away from them because of some mining and drilling practice of some destructive fossil fuel, purely because of their ethnicity and no power to fight the oligarchy governmental power. When will we all wake up before it is too late, that we all become civil slaves for the privilege few? It is time to stand for truth and not take political rhetoric of lying words, deceptive innuendoes, manipulative laws that only benefit the rich, which support the crooked court systems that feeds on rich to support their cocaine habit of luxury and material wealth. The haves and the me people treat their own dogs better than human people of foreign descent. We must all come together to overcome this fascist tyranny that has perpetuated the early death of our dear and loving earth. We have been the contributors of the mass destruction that has been going on for the last 200 years and greater. We are the ones who poisoned our oceans with plastic and our own sewage, we are the ones who refused to travel by air, which is one of the biggest air polluters on the face of the earth, we are the ones who enjoy reeving up the big muscle and luxury cars that pleases our pride from the big, loud sound or sexy look, we are the ones that continue to support the banksters to house our life savings and support their thievery on mortgages and investments of illegal substance, we are the ones who still fill up our tanks on any day without remorse of what we do to the environment, we are the ones who save for our children’s education and put them in universities that invest and get endowments from big rich oil and pharmaceutical companies to support their campuses and research facilities, we are the ones who continue to purchase discussing food from huge conglomerates like Walmart, Costco’s and Sam’s Club that buy wholesale from huge and massive dairy, cow, chicken and horse farms of deplorable conditions, that also dictate cheap garbage products that we may think we get over on them, we are the ones who support throw away products because there is no more real educated people to problem solve and repair products to save resources and raw materials and when there is availability of parts we support the con game of sky rocket prices, that once was 100% mark up which is now quadrupled and quadrupled to 500% to 1000% mark up. So, don’t go on blaming any one else for the destruction of our plant because we are all guilty of the shame and stupidity, that has gone on for 100’s of years simply because we want it easy, to be more productive to make more profit and to produce a nicer product no matter how it destroys our own being or world. I am ashamed to even be called human being because at least animals have respect for each other. I wonder sometimes who are the real beasts of our land. 1 John 2: 16 says, “ the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life comes not from our creator , but from the world.” God help us all.

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