Oops! I did it again!

Awakening the Horse People

Avoiding Recolonization While Decolonizing

One of the biggest challenges people of european heritage face as we are called to engage in decolonizing and reawakening movements of life, is to maintain awareness of how we do things.  What are we really creating as we decolonize?  Are we authentically connecting to life and healing ourselves, or are we doing something else?

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One response to “Oops! I did it again!

  1. I see some dangers in what appear to me to be rigid thinking in some of the thought in the larger part of this post. Sorry if i seem to make this more complicated, but that’s where i’m at! {;

    Take the tendency of many people to assume that “ego” is a problem that has to be crushed, instead of a possible gift in its symptom-ing reality. You are not doing that, and yet i’m feeling that you are judging “ego” as always bad, in your call to stop “bolstering” it. And i think that is to not see its value in the process many of us cannot help but to be in! A truth of who we tend towards being in the context of a deeply imprinted colonialism which wants us to focus only on ourselves, in an alienated position. And yet there’s a reason it keeps coming back up and challenging us (in our champion intuitions that know we are each unique and special, regardless of others’ seeming desire to “shout it down”). i see such as a power that can be explored more deeply via creatively intelligent processes we mutually engage in, instead of only deriding it!

    What is so wrong with “silly” things? Again, i see the value of process here being disregarded, while someone sits on what feels to me like a “high horse” (heh). i say, let people be where they are, while continuing to creatively confront, as we/others feel the desire! Not merely writing “rules” in stone, so to speak. Anyway, what is community without the power of each of its people, no matter how imperfect??!! The reality is that many of we unsettling settler people ARE without community, and we have found strength to continue on individually, as a survival mechanism (or something like that). We do seek meaningful community, but are we going to find it by being castigated like this? Maybe…or maybe not, or maybe some grey area….since, hey, we ALREADY are saddling ourselves with these UNSETTLING ideas!!!!

    Finally, on Claiming Settler Nativism, the key there for me is “dispute”. That works both ways, y’know. The problem here, as i see it is, a Dick Wilson (of anti-AIM fame) can come in and Tell a re-wilding settler that she’s Out of Order –and you want us to uncritically subordinate? i say, watch out for the hierarchy of that one. Yes, we all should respect you all for the truths, and yet, how can we live in friendship, best? By tactics which insert hierarchies? i don’t think so! Only authoritarians will buy into that uncritically! And do you REALLY WANT that kind of reflection????

    i DO like this one: “…we benefit by holding each other accountable with compassion and understanding…” And as for settlers holding other settlers accountable? i say, watch out for the fine line of how that can turn into fascism, or as some anarchists have called it (and i don’t totally “get” that), bureaucracy.

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