On Refusal


by Corey Snelgrove


Disrupting settler society, and avoiding fatalism, requires a two-fold recognition: of settler colonialism and Indigenous resurgence.

Destroying settler society, and allowing the rise of ethical relations, requires a two-fold active response: destroy the material and discursive foundations of settler colonialism and actively engage with Indigenous resurgence.

At times and in spaces, the destruction and active engagement are oneinthesame.

At other times and in other spaces, they are distinct.

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One response to “On Refusal

  1. Thank you for this article! I appreciate what you are laying before us. However the language you use is not accessible to many. The big words and special terms have precision, and to those in the know, express more than one simple word can express. But are they not also reflections of the ways we use our words to separate ourselves one from another. Are they not also a reflection of a colonizing mindset that positions itself as the one who knows? If I am not privy to your language than I remain and outsider and you remain in conversation only with those who understand your language. Does not the right relations you talk about needing require a more accessible language, a simpler set of words… a language that can be understood by others particularly those out side the academy? Blessings!

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