Jeannette Armstrong on Resistance Radio

armstrongjeanette.jpgJeannette Armstrong speaks about indigeneity with Derrick Jensen on Resistance Radio.

Click here to listen / Click here to download

Jeannette Armstrong is an Okanagan Indian writer, educator, and activist. Her main goal in writing is to educate young people about Native culture and history. She is the director of the En’owkin Center, a cultural and educational organization operated by the Okanagan Nation in Penticton, BC, Canada.


3 responses to “Jeannette Armstrong on Resistance Radio

  1. Communiqué to the Vatican State, Pope Francis

    Our position is that the Vatican State, the Holy See and Your Holiness Pope Francis must take adequate measures and advance in the process of international responsibility for the role that the Catholic Church has played in the origin and as intellectual author of the criminal violations of Human Rights which continue to be normalized by the Doctrine of Discovery.

    We exhort Your Holiness to make public comment in repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery and in clarification of the contradictions here documented.

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    Jeanette Armstrong, writer and Canada Research Chair: Righting Indigeneity

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