Autonomy Cascadia: A Journal of Bioregional Decolonization

Autonomy Cascadia: a Journal of Bioregional Decolonization

From Autonomy Cascadia:

This project will be available in print and on-line. Our first issue will be available summer of 2013, and continue as a bi-annual effort.

This journal is intended to deepen the critique and understanding of all those acting towards the ecological restoration and material, cultural, and spiritual decolonization of the lands, waters, and Peoples of the Northeast Pacific Rim.

We embrace the beauty and vision of the bioregional integrity of this place as both ancient and unprecedented. And we want to be perfectly clear that the only way to actualize the promise of healing and cultural creativity in this place is to fully dismantle the institutions of ongoing colonialism here, literally.

We seek a bioregional practice rooted in the repatriation of Indigenous lands. From the starting point of justice, we can then begin a process of cultural creativity and restorative economy.

We are side stepping the gatekeepers of academia as a grassroots publishing effort.


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