Indigenous Settler? Decolonization and the Politics of Exile

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by Nuunja Kahina / Intercontinental Cry


“Only Hawaiians are Native to Hawai’i. Everyone else is a settler.”
– Haunani-Kay Trask1

What are the obligations of Indigenous people living as settlers on another Indigenous people’s stolen land? I have been wrestling with this question as an Amazigh (Indigenous North African) activist living and working in a settler colony, the United States, on land belonging to other Indigenous nations. Based on the conceptions of colonialism, liberation, and sovereignty that I utilize to understand my own experience, I also understand that I am a settler on occupied Native land. Being a person of color, a Muslim, or an immigrant does not negate one’s settler status in the Americas, as other womenof color and Indigenous women have described. But what if you’re an Indigenous activist yourself, living in exile and unable to return to your own land base? What does that entail…

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2 responses to “Indigenous Settler? Decolonization and the Politics of Exile

  1. Unsettling Am have a Facebook?

    • Not officially, but we’ve considered it. With enough encouragement, we’d definitely go for it. What do other folks think: facebook page, or no?

      The “Unsettling Colorado” Tlalli Yaotl admin (yours truly) can be found on fb here.

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