New Poster: How to be An Ally to Indigenous Peoples

The Two Row Campaign and Syracuse Cultural Workers have just published a beautiful new poster titled “How to be an Ally to Indigenous Peoples.” The full color poster features an Onondaga Gustoweh (headgear) by Onondaga artist Josephine M. Cook. The wording has been developed over many months by the Two Row Campaign in conjunction with our friends at Syracuse Cultural Workers.

The poster features important information to be shared far and wide. It’s a great addition to classrooms, community centers, schools and other venues, and makes for a great gift. The 12″ x 36″ poster is available for $15, and bookmarks and postcards are $1 each or 12 for $10. They will be available for sale at Two Row events or you can purchase them online or via phone, 800.949.5139, from Syracuse Cultural Workers.

Please mention “Two Row” and nearly half of your purchase price will support the Two Row Campaign!


3 responses to “New Poster: How to be An Ally to Indigenous Peoples

  1. Very nice, comprehensive and helpful list. Thank you!

  2. Really? All we need are more folks to read a trite poster and self appoint themselves to be “allies” so they can feel better about themselves. While there are some good general (pan-Indigenous) points, we could do better to have a some info on how not to be an ally…

    • Extremely valid comment. First and foremost, aspiring allies must keep in mind that an ally is never self-identified and self-defined, but rather, can only be identified and defined by the communities one is attempting to ally with. We have compiled other solidarity and allyship guidelines here, and would appreciate any critical feedback folks might have to offer. Thanks!

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