Decolonizing Wild Roots Feral Futures

  Wild Roots Feral Futures - 5th Annual Direct Action, Eco-Defense, & Rewilding Encampment in the Wild Rockies of Southwest Colorado, June 15-23, 2013Wild Roots Feral Futures, as an event, takes place on stolen indigenous land. In recognition of this truth, we would like to build relationships with those whose occupied land Wild Roots Feral Futures 2013 occurs on. In this spirit, we would like to reach out to indigenous communities in our area to establish direct lines of communication and extend an invitation to join us at the event in June. We recognize that protocol varies from community to community and Nation to Nation, and we feel that a good first step on our part is to simply reach out and establish contact, as we are doing now. Although we do not expect to have our hands held for us, any contacts and/or guidance regarding specific appropriate protocol would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Feel free to contact us at

For background reading on decolonization, please visit Unsettling America, particularly the Allyship & Solidarity Guidelines, as well as critical texts regarding cultural appropriation, including Wanting To Be Indian and Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation?

Wild Roots Feral Futures would also like to invite folks, indigenous & settler alike, to join us at WRFF 2013 to host and/or facilitate workshops, discussions, etc. regarding the theory & praxis of decolonization, and to work towards the formation of relationships of solidarity and allyship against all forms of domination. Settlers must not expect to have their status and privilege as settlers deconstructed for them, but we believe mutual dialogue to be foundational to true decolonization, which must listen to indigenous voices.

Here is one decolonization workshop scheduled thus-far: 

Batzarre: Decolonization and Awakening the Indigenous Self
Tentative Date: Begins evening of Tuesday June 18th. Picks up again in the morning of Wed. June 19th until supper. (open to suggestions to increase participation)

Beyond decolonization work in anti-oppression and academic settings lies “oiher” – the dangerous, crooked, but rewarding path of reawakening our selves and reclaiming our Indigenous cultures – particularly for people of European heritage. You are invited to join this day long mini-gathering that will explore finding our ancestors and our lost sense of place, how to know our relatives and lifeway again, and most critically – the liberating process of healing our hearts and spirits so that we may find our way back to our Indigenous selves. These are powerful understandings taught using story, discussion, experiential learning, and other tools, that has the power to disturb and change your life.

Nire izena Ana Oian Amets da, esan english Naomi Archer. I’ve been decolonizing for over 13 years– reawakening connection to my proto-Basque ancestors of the area we call southwest France. I’ve been invited to share my experiences of decolonization with people from all Four Directions, including Indigenous people of Turtle Island, as well as in Europe. I’m fully immersed in Indigenous resistance struggles as an adopted and active member of the traditional Cante Tenza Okolakiciye or Lakota Strong Heart Warrior Society, coordinator for the Lakota Solidarity Project, and former co-founder of the Four Directions Solidarity Network. You can see some of my current work at I can be reached at or 828-230-1404

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