Decolonizing Gender: Call for Submissions

Content submissions or suggestions can be sent to

Background info:

I’m Not A Gender Zombie and Neither Are You

How Derrick Jensen’s Deep Green Resistance Supports Transphobia

DGR: Unearthing Racist Radical Feminism & Transphobia From Within

Taking Steps towards Trans Allyship

Deep Green Truth

DGR and Transphobia

No Room for Dissenting Opinions

Deep Green Transphobia III

Deep Green Transphobia II

Deep Green Transphobia

DGR Meets Resistance at the Law and Disorder Conference

Deep Green Resignation and Reclamation

Full call-out to cancel Rachel Ivey’s speaking dates

From DGR & trans-exclusive radical feminists:

Radical Beyond Pronouns: On Gender Zombies, DGR, and Feminism

Feminists assaulted in Transgender Attack at Portland conference for Social Change

Incidents this weekend

Response to Aric McBay

Protect Women, Feminism, and Free Speech

Support Rachel Ivey

15 responses to “Decolonizing Gender: Call for Submissions

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  3. I’ve read the Deep Green Resistance book. And nowhere within it did I read, “To take down civilisation, you must deny transgendered people the validity of their own experiences”. Why the DGR organisation seeks to do exactly that is a mystery to me.

  4. could you credit the artwork???

  5. Excellent, I look forward to reading Decolonist perspectives on the current sex & gender wars raging in the settler-colonist culture, as I too feel this is a missing piece in most of the (western) feminist spheres I’ve so far come across. I will try to get my wife to write a piece as she is Anishinaabe & 2-Spirited, if she’s able — she is disabled thanks to colonization, so low energy and ill health unfortunately keep her from doing much of what she wants and needs to do in this world, but I’m hoping she’ll be able to, because she has some excellent insights into the sex & gender mess swirling around us! Chi Miigwetch for the call-out for this work, it is much needed!

  6. Here’s one:

    “Most significantly, the term “woman” must be disconnected from the socio-historic context that gives the term coherency in the first place. Without any material or experiential framework “woman’s” origin becomes irrelevant; she can be anything or nothing at all.”

  7. Please do not publish

    I know Deep Green Resistance and I respect their work. How on earth do you read transphobia into their work? I just don’t see it.

  8. Talk to the Indigenous people who will no longer work with DGR after members were aggressively colonial, disruptive and ironically: insulting to the women. Notice the names that are now missing.

  9. 7 Sisters:

    I’ve seen you make this kind of comment before elsewhere (i believe on the Earth First! Newswire site). I’d be genuinely interested if you could provide some linkable info about this.

    Speaking as an indigenous person, my experience with DGR – both directly with DGR Ontario and through building links with people from other chapters – has been largely positive (excluding their trans stance, which i strongly disagree with). People i know in AIM have also expressed gratitude for DGR’s help and solidarity work. I also understood that their work was generally appreciated at White KKKlay.

    However, it would be far from my first time seeing false internationalism from a radical organization, but i don’t want to judge DGR without actually seeing evidence of it first.

  10. False solidarity, false anti-racism, and lots of vicious policing of personal lives, all in contradiction to what we thought was the message of the book. A few natives still work with DGR if the white boys get arrested and pay the bail, and buy groceries. But way more won’t have anything to do with them anymore. Those white people don’t have our backs. They threw the natives to the curb rather than look at the white privilege they’ve got going on. They are authoritarian and don’t give a shit what natives want. If they’re so cool with being gay, why are some of those men in the closet?? Are they only OK with women being gay? Natives are only welcome if they want to follow the white men’s lead. Ask native that used to work with them but have jumped ship. DGR is sinking in a froth of white spew.

  11. Nothing like pitched battles and word warriorism online (at least internalized in the neo-colonized mind, of whichever race) ! i spent more than 15 years at it, myself! But of course, we’re all in a PROCESS. The trick is to see the process and not get tooled by COINTELPRO-style division warfare. People are GOING TO BE BOUND to be far from perfect with each other, and the psy war tool will do her/his/hir best to distract us from realizing our COMMONALITIES. i suggest giving ourselves permission to DESIGN ceremony or/and ritual/rich-u’L to more meaningfully get to the grist of this stuff. That Aric McBay is under attack should come as no surprise, but not because he (?) is “imperfect” (i prefer “perfectly imperfect” myself) towards whoever Has To Have A Knee-Jerk Hysteria Reaction. The question is, has DGR had the quality time enough to build creative response-wise to challenges like this (which, i suspect, will CONTINUE to come at key times)? Ceremony/rich-u’L can have a way of pivoting through such minefields, especially when everyone gets to look into each others’ eyes (if they have the guts!). We are all descendants of tribal peoples and we can ALL design interactions which can become traditions! The wise ones listen to the excellence of their ancestors (if they have such a privilege of even knowing the basics of such!), treating such as guidelines, not absolutes. DGR is inspiring, so keep up the dariNg no matter what! And take a breather, too, when you know you need one!

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  13. just so you know, i think this guy is fucking crazy too.

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