Colonial Problems

Our Home IS Native Land

Part of the problem is that the colonizers make disempowered people, suffering the spiritually debilitating effects of genocide, feel important by including them in the colonizers plans. These people who have been groomed in the colonizers ways since birth accept the subservience of themselves and their peoples to an idea of civilization that includes their genocide and they defend their position with the colonial ethos. Challenges to this indoctrination must come from our cultural worldview because that is the empowerment they lack, the strength of our Nationhood, and the truth of our existences that survives to this day.

Another part of the problem is that we have all suffered spiritually debilitaing effects of genocide and that has disintegrated vast aspects of our societies, most importantly our families and sense of family. This disempowers us to stand up to those in our nations and families who are acting against our Nationhood…

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