Decolonization and Indigenous Liberation: The Remarkable Life and Work of John Redhouse

La Jicarita

Photo Essay by NICK ESTES

Last Friday, April 19th, hundreds of scholars, community activists, and students gathered at the University of New Mexico to attend a symposium to honor the life and work of John Redhouse. The symposium, titled  “Indigenous Liberation and the Grounds of Decolonization” was co-sponsored by La Jicarita along with the UNM Department of American Studies, the UNM Institution for American Indian Research, the student-run KIVA Club, the UNM Program in Community and Regional Planning, and the American Studies Association’s Community Partnership initiative. American Studies professors Jennifer Denetdale and Alyosha Goldstein joined David Correia in organizing the event.

Born and raised in Farmington, NM, John Redhouse has been a life-long Indian rights activist. He was a leader of the National Indian Youth Council. He was most famously associated with the era of Red Power activism and organizing of various radical liberation groups such as Indians…

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