Decolonizing the Violence Against Indigenous Women

“Decolonization means bringing the safety back and means living in a society where we feel safe and where we respect each other as people. It means that our men are taking back their rightful responsibilities to be the Warriors of our nations; to protect the women and the children, and the lands they are all connected to, to protect the lands for our future generations. It means that our women are taking back their rightful responsibilities to be respected decision-makers, to carry and nurture life and to bring those future generations into this physical world. It is the responsibility of all generations (mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers) to ensure that we maintain those connections to our lands and territories, with our strong languages and ceremonies intact.

Decolonization means true partnerships, whether those partnerships are with Canada, with our non-Indigenous allies, or between Indigenous men and women. Decolonization means that we celebrate our resiliency in the face of an abusive relationship and choose different relationships that honor ourselves, our communities, our women, and our lands.”


by Beverley Jacobs

I have been working in the field of anti-violence since recovering and healing from experiences of violence in my own personal life for the past 20 years.  I write this with lessons I have learned in dealing with every type of violence that exists including the most extreme use of violence; that being murder.  My family is still recovering from the murder of my cousin Tashina General (who was 21 years old and pregnant), who went missing in January, 2008 and found murdered in April, 2008.  The trauma experienced as a result of her murder still resonates in me, in my family and in my community.  I write this for Tashina and her mom, who not only lost a daughter but a future grandson, who was already named Tucker.

During my professional life as an entrepreneur, lawyer, consultant and professor, my focus has been on understanding the…

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One response to “Decolonizing the Violence Against Indigenous Women

  1. I support the rights afford of every human being, the right to be safe from violence, abuse and disrespect. As long as one human being is disrespected and oppressed we are all disrespected and oppressed. Walk in beauty, H.

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