Settler Roles in Indigenous Resurgence

Idle No More livestream from Shq’apthut, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Friday, Jan. 25, 2013, 5:00 – 7:30 pm PST

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Audio of the panelists is now available.

Idle No More is the current manifestation of widespread Indigenous resurgence. Historically, alongside Indigenous resistance and resurgence efforts against colonialism, imperialism, and genocide, there has always been support from some Settler peoples who recognize the immorality of the situation facing Indigenous peoples. This is most true today as millions of Settler peoples are stepping up alongside of Indigenous peoples in the Idle No More movement but there have been questions arising from how to be a good ally in this movement and friction has resulted.

Many Settler peoples are wanting to help and to learn more about why we are in this situation and what is an ethical way of engagement with these issues, and with the INM movement itself.

Panelists Robyn Heaslip, Ian Ki’laas Caplette, John Swift, and Natasha Bob will be engaging this question in a livestream panel addressing these areas of contention in the hopes of bringing further awareness to the ethical engagement of Settler peoples in the INM movement and in Indigenous resurgence.

**NOTE: The term “Settler” does not desrcibe a particular “race” of people and is meant to describe those peoples who are not Indigneous peoples to the lands they live in.

5 responses to “Settler Roles in Indigenous Resurgence

  1. keepersofthewater

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  2. Sherwin Racehorse

    A “settler” is going to be unsettled! In their mind, because of lack of eduction of the truth of indigenous peoples, they think that everything is all good and they are comfortable in there skins. Our tribal lands were stolen, and given to there ancestors free of charge and now they pay property tax on it. They holler from anonymous titles on articles about the free ride that Indians or first nations peoples have. The truth is that school books from k-12 need to tell the true story so that the dysfunction of misunderstanding can be broken once and for all. The theft of our indigenous rights continue, here in the USA where local governments (political subdivisions of a state) think that Indian lands or reservation boundaries mean nothing so we lose the battle for regulation of lands and the ability to tax and provide government essential services are a constant battle. Supreme court decisions are not in our favor and should be. Land stolen should be given back starting with national or federal lands adjacent to existing reservations! Were is our tribal leadership? They are now legislatively assimilated–hang around the fort Indians asking/begging for basic funding authorizations contingent upon treaty obligations. Panelists identified as Robyn Heaslip, Ian Ki’laas Caplette, John Swift, and Natasha Bob are not known to us so who are they, what are their bios state and why should we listen to them? This is not only about Canada but all lands in the world stolen by christian concepts such as the Doctrine of Discovery stipulate!

  3. Wow. That “I am Canadian” button is rather creepy. And “all it’s people” seems to imply that Indigenous people belong to that colonial puppet administration of The Crown known as Canada. Yuck. Puke.

    How about “I an an ally, I am human”. At least for starters, eh!?

    • i would tend to agree. i used the image, which i had seen on social media sites in association with Idle No More, because i feel it is illustrative of the friction and tension hinted at in the description of this panel, as well as some of the exigencies that arise in some attempts at good allyship.

      as the image hover-over says, it’s worth considering if, in legitimating the “canadian” national identity, it’s not in turn legitimating the settler-colonial nation-state.

  4. Yep and I’m a gifted university student and just because you’re Canadian doesn’t make you right. You’re a descendant of murderers and thieves and agree with covering up past incidents or pretending they didn’t happen and vouch on ignoring the issues that this is Indigenous people’s land and the first inhabitants right to have it back and essentially regardless you aren’t the person who has created it you support it and are essentially a accessory to it. In fact maybe Canadians are not as much the genocidal settlers that took over the land south but Canada also doesn’t own the land but is here on treaty and has been part of many acts since to steal and commit genocide much more sneaky and silently up to the current years.. It is more right to call any person who is not Indigenous a settler or better yet an immigrant. The first people who should be looked after in any nation is it’s own people first the Indigenous people to it’s land. However Canada does not and the Indigenous people are the most likely people to suffer even third world conditions. Canada has a shitty history it loves to keep silent and covering up throughout the few centuries recognizxed as settlers before the Canadian government was made and up to recently where it still is creating issues and most Canadians shouldn’t be proud but ashamed of ignoring the government they support that still works to getting rid of the original inhabitants that own the land. You know WWII Germany was forced to give back the land they took from France they stole but funny enough they still don’t acknowledge the land stolen by settlers here in North America and Canada and the States should be forced to return the land they stole. Canada might have forced treaties that they put on Indigenous people by not killing Indigenous people for allowing them to exist here but the States have not made agreement to exist. Canada’s treaties however have been broken many times by the Canadian government as well. So your belief to not be considered not a settler is a disgusting act to take over.

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