‘If we were to celebrate Hitler Day, or Mussolini Day, or some other
murderer and initiator of violence and genocide, there would be
widespread condemnation. It would be like celebrating Bush Day
in Iraq.’-Leonard Peltier

Today, within the canadian state, marks that day for which ‘we’, the collective citizenry of said state, are to give thanks. The propagandists of ‘thanks giving’, have yet again set out to ensure that the manufactured consent and understanding on which this day is predicated remains as it always has and furthermore that our obsession with the objectification with the non-humyn animal serves to underpin ‘our’ ritualistic belief that it is ‘our’ duty to consume the flesh of the tortured being, whilst consuming the metaphorical flesh of 520 plus years of colonial genocide gleefully.
Having had ample time to reflect upon the notion of genocide denial, nay the literal significance of the term itself, I…

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