150 Years of Colonialism: 150 Years of Resistance

Call to Participate in the 2012 Victoria Anarchist Bookfair

The City of Victoria, located on unceeded Lekwungen Territory, is this year celebrating 150 years of colonialism through events that promote historical erasure. The Victoria Anarchist Bookfair will respond with illuminating stories of historical and ongoing colonialism while celebrating 150 years of resistance. As a catalyst for putting learning into action, we are also mobilizing to build opposition against the Northern Gateway Pipeline and other such proposals, which are a glaring example of ongoing colonialism on the West Coast.

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One response to “150 Years of Colonialism: 150 Years of Resistance

  1. alisoqualvdi

    I live in Northern California and we have some crazy folks still persecuting the first people. Today as I write the Winnemem Wintu people are again being denied their rights to have a coming of age ceremony on their hereditary lands. They were disenrolled when the so called realignment in 1985 was done. They have done everything possible to get their tribal rights reestablished so their ceremonies can be protected under law. This was a clerical error to begin with. Other tribes in the area are not helping this cause. Greed has been assimilated into our culture. Just like the colonizers wanted. Now other local tribes are siding with the colonizers to keep these people from gaining any ground with the BIA or US Gov’t. They have tried to have this ceremony in the recent past but due to the fact that most of their land is under Shasta Lake they have very few historic places left to perform this ceremony. They want 400 yards of Lake Shasta where the Mc Cloud River empties in to the lake closed to non tribal peoples for 4 days. These people in the past have interrupted and disrespected these ceremonies by drunken boating, racial slurs and obscenities and even the flashing of Tatas to the tribe. The local colonizers say they want special treatment and are only out for the money. The reason they need tribal recognition is to get the US Forest Service and local authorities to help them have a peaceful ceremony. No such luck. They all say they can’t intervene because of tribal status. The locals accuse them of being greedy and breaking the law. The Winnemem have NEVER rec’d any compensation from the US Gov’t since they first signed a treaty in 1851. They were recognized prior to the 1985 greed fest the colonizers forced upon them. They have tried to follow the law and rules set forth but the rules keep changing. The entire game will change if they seem to be getting close to what the US Gov’t says they need to qualify again. This is just wrong on so many levels. Read the Redding California local newspaper the Record Searchlight just to get a clue what these people have been put through. The comment section reads like a story of cultural genocide. Hateful ignorant people seem to make the most noise. I am of mixed race and not a member of any tribe and have no relation to the Wintu people at all. Am I a First People. You bet. That is my self identity and my culture. So much has been homogenized all ready. Keep the tradition of the Winnemem alive. Don’t capitulate to greed and self interest. Please read the local paper and respond accordingly. Let’s help our brothes and sisters. Our cousins at the very least. Our people need their people to stand with them and not let greed be the master of this event.

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