Occupy and Decolonize

By People for Social Sustainability (PSS) San Diego

Like a tsunami, the “Occupy Wallstreet Movement” has been growing bigger and bigger. This leaderless movement has been expanding since its inception.  As this movement of the 99% against the greed and corruption of the 1% gains exposure throughout the world, many social issues are being brought to the forefront.  People in general are starting to take a serious look at how the top 1% continually exploit and hoard the resources of our earth.  Now more than ever before, people are beginning to see what’s going on and seek alternatives to the current materialist society we live under.  People are looking for things that are beyond the old philosophies and so called solutions of the past.

For the first time since the protest era of the 1960s people are starting to care about the world around them.  People are waking up to the harsh realities of the current system and that something is seriously wrong.  In some places people are even directing their anger directly at the Federal Reserve and the very monetary system which is the cause of their misery.  It’s a fact that governments of the world have sold out the people of their country to the bankers by allowing individuals to fall into debt even more.  In fact the current money system relies on ever increasing debt to create more money, for every person that’s in debt the world wide reserve banking system can create more money.  Basically it is important for the banks to keep us all in debt with credit and loans so they can keep producing more money.

Its because of the growing economic realities created by the materialist system and its physical paper expression the monetary system that people have rallied behind the occupy Wallstreet movement.   As these movements gain momentum however a specific aspect of organization is missing as well as a unified message that is all inclusive.  What this causes from time to time is people of color to feel left out of the process. However even as we can critique the movement on this basis still we must support this movement.  Support that is criticizing yet active and engaging in the movement, can help to bring things forward.  In the current term while we have all this talk of occupy this and occupy that we must also not forget that talk of decolonization is just as important.  The United States is historically a land that has been stolen from indigenous people who lived on the continent centuries before colonists from Europe arrived with rifles and dogma to force onto people.  Let us also remember that in general the social constructs of racism have ultimately intermingled into the policies of the bankers and their front line agents (governments and ceo’s). Let’s be very clear  on this matter governments and ceo’s are the pawns of the banks, who have never ending amounts of debt.  For those who believe ceo’s have the power its truly the bankers who pull the strings of ceo’s, what’s more is the top corporate positions tend to be held by those privileged white individuals with the right connections willing to play the game of global extortion with the bankers.  Its a very old game that banks have been playing with the world, whether we speak of East India Trading Company in the late 1800’s or the various countries which have taken their turn at being parasites over the Philippines, in many cases the feudal relationship between baron states and their vassal states deplete the people of natural resources.  This continues to turn the people of third world countries into modern day serfs and corporations into petit-barons.

The movement has come along way in its transcending politics as usual and for once the people seem to not believe either political parties rhetoric. In fact these protests seem to be pushing Obama and the democrats into a corner since the one question we would pose to Mr. Obama is quite simple; will you take a stand against the fractional reserve banking system and shut them down?  Or will you allow business as usual to continue?  Ending the federal reserve is the first step in creating a more sustainable society that can care for all people. Even now as police agencies all around begin to crack down on the occupy protests we must begin the dialogues on what comes next.  We must stop being blind to the fact that the police are not part of the 99% in fact they are the storm troopers of the 1% and not workers at all since they produce nothing except protection for the privileged castes and classes of society.  If we carry false illusions about them then we fail to realize many truth’s.  Such as the truth that the earth has the caring capacity to provide for all people, social sustainability means that all people are provided for. It means that the resources of the earth become the common heritage of all people, this includes land which once was common heritage of all people on North and South Meso-American continents. The banks would like us to forget about all these things and go back into our homes to tune in and tune out and occupy our couch’s.  Perhaps one day we may see all the worthless pieces of paper which claim the lands to belong to the banks go up in flames.  If we dream it and meditate on this daily we can infuse our dreams into practical realities of the golden dawn of a worldwide Resource Based Economy based on Alchemy and Holistic Integration of society!

We are a movement, community service, individual empowerment/ self sufficiency, and social justice mass organization known as People 4 Social Sustainability (P.S.S.).  We are for anyone who is fed up with the current materialism so abundant in our society.  We are beyond the political ideologies of the past such as; Socialism, Capitalism, Anarchism, Libertarianism and Technocracy in favor of new thinking and new ideas.  We favor surpassing the current monetary system towards a more sustainable true Resource Based Economy.  One that is not based on the old outmoded scientific method but rather the alchemists method.  A type of social discipline better then science that doesn’t deny the metaphysical dimensions of our world.  Only a Resource Based Economy that is based on service towards others and earth based technologies can bring about a sustainable future for all people.

Say no to the worldwide Neo-Feudalism created by the bankers!

Say no to police brutality, and criminalization of our free speech!

Shut down the World Bank and all Fractional Reserve Banks!

The Resources of The World are the common heritage of all people!

JOIN PEOPLE 4 SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY (P.S.S.) today to take a stand against Neo-Feudalism, Materialism, and the Monetary System help us take the occupy wallstreet movement all the way towards a truly sustainable future.  Let us unify all that we can unify together to begin transmuting our visions of a sustainable society into a new social alchemy.




One response to “Occupy and Decolonize

  1. I familiar with some of the oral history and the history written by Indians of many North American Tribes. Human beings from the four directions share both the good and the bad behaviors of all human beings. Aboriginal people from around the world are no different in their behavior from other people or systems they also oppress given the chance and burdened by ignorance and lack of respect for their fellow human beings. In North America before the white man, black, or yellow, North American tribes fought with neighboring tribes to gain what they valued from battles with their neighbors. Yes, when the white men won the war in North America, which gave them power to established policy in Canada and the United States as well as policy that oppressed non-whites in North America, but times are changing, education, more people that once were oppressed are becoming the majority and will shape values, ethics that will be comprised and embrace the four directions. I think its time for North American first people to let go of hatred and hurt of oppression it has not served nor has it benefited anyone. Native Artist C.F. Lovato, Pena Blanca, N.M. wrote, and I quote, “Within the turmoil within the minds of my people I sense the danger there and all the roads lead back to the warpath..but after the warpath..where?”

    What is written in your post is filled with anger not respect for people. Walk in beauty, Heather

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